Appearance Attorney On Call is a dynamic and progressive appearance attorney service team that offers highly experienced special appearance attorneys with no less than five years of courtroom experience. We provide fast, easy and convenient 24-hour special appearance request service via our state of the art online system.
We provide an attorney to make your appearance so you do not have to fight the traffic, wait on your case to be called nor deal with all the other related issues in Court.
Our team of appearance attorneys on demand, act as your temporary attorney at court, and we have your attorneys on demand for both civil and criminal matters. The special appearance attorneys available through Appearance Attorneys On Call can handle just about any type of civil or criminal hearings, workers compensation cases, administrative hearings, Federal Court appearances, and even on special request depositions, trials, and research.
Our attorneys to go are available for all of Southern California Courts, but we do have the ability to provide you an attorney appearance in other courts as well. Appearance Attorney On Call reservation system is state of the art and can be handled completely online including payment.

Reasons for Hiring an Appearance Attorney

When you have a routine case in court and you are not able to attend, the attorney will need to arrange to hire an appearance attorney who will stand in on his behalf. This will help in making sure that the case proceeds to be heard without being postponed. There are many top rate attorneys who are always available to stand in for lawyers who are unable to attend their hearings because of certain conflicts, distance to court, value of your time doing something else, or you just rather not appear.
The special appearance attorneys are general legal experts who have a huge command of different areas of law. They know what needs to be done to ensure that your desired outcome is delivered in your favor. Our company maintains attorneys who are available to act as appearance attorney and provide great quality of service. They have the ability to handle cases that are both civil in nature and those which are criminal.
The special appearance attorney is knowledgeable and has mastered the tactics that can be used to ensure the outcome of the appearance is what the attorney desires.  When working with our company, you will never feel any deficiency in the quality of services which we provide. The special appearance attorney will know the right approach to adopt so as to resolve the court appearance successfully.
The attorney on demand can be available on short notice hence making them a great choice when you have a last minute emergency, become ill or are prevented by unforeseeable circumstances from attending the court session.  Our reporting to you on the outcome of your matter is same day, generally within 2-4 hours after the appearance is completed.

What about the Cost?

Enlisting the services of attorneys to go is affordable.  Our prices are clearly stated and you will know how much the appearance attorney will charge before hiring.  For most appearances, a flat fee will apply to your appearance in court.  Under some circumstances there may be a parking or mileage charge, which will be explained to you before you finalize your matter with us.
We offer state of the art online case submission, pay arrangements and reporting. Our system is designed so from start to finish you never have to leave your desk to arrange for an Appearance Attorney On Call assignment and handling.


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