Just How Effective Are Special Appearance Attorneys?

Special appearance attorneys are very good at providing assistance to law firms and busy attorneys who are unable to attend every single court date particularly when they have an immense work load. Appearance attorneys essentially are a form of outsourced legal assistance or attorney services, between attorneys.

Court Appearance Attorney | Special Appearance Attorney BankruptcyIt is not possible for attorneys in a firm to be in more than one place at a time when cases are piling up nor is it cost effective to hire a full time attorney just to handle coinciding court appearances and hiring a less experienced attorney can cause serious problems for the firm in the long run. In such cases hiring a special appearance attorney is the most efficient option as most attorney appearance services guarantee experienced and qualified attorneys who can handle any type of situation.

Special attorneys can help reduce the travel cost and stress of the firm and the hiring firm controls the way the case is handled. The appearance attorneys are screened to ensure competent assistance and will have experience with the types of cases the firm deals with. Special appearance attorneys are hired frequently by bankruptcy lawyers but they only represent the client for a particular aspect of the case and not the whole case.

Special appearance attorneys do not necessarily have to be hired for court appearances they can also be hired for research and writing, document reviews and drafting of pledges and briefs and involves a contract specifically to secure a confidentiality agreement. The use of appearance attorneys is a good way for legal firms to save money but should be followed through only after due consideration on the part of the hiring firm and if it is absolutely necessary. Be sure that the services offered are legitimate and that the special appearance attorney is experienced.

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