Why Hire A lawyer For Special Appearance Purposes?

Special Appearance Lawyers Provide Temporary Attorney Services

Telephonic Court Appearance | Temporary AttorneySpecial appearance lawyers are those who appear in court to present a client on behalf of the latter’s regular or retained counsel of record or for a specific hearing in court.  A lawyer’s special appearance is typically opted to protect the rights and interest of a potential client, however, appearance fees are usually prearranged since the special appearance lawyer is not require to assist the client in all future matters in relation to his case. In other words, the lawyer is hired on temporary basis or for a particular purpose only.

Why hire a temporary attorney?

Hiring an attorney on call is an advantage both for the retained lawyer and his client. As the clientele of the regular lawyer increases, there comes a time that he finds it difficult to manage his court hearings, meetings and consultations. Since the lawyer cannot be in two places at one time, he needs an attorney on demand who will assist him in local counsel coverage, long distance witness preparations and unexpected conflict in courtroom appearances.

These Attorneys Are Your Attorney On Call !

Additionally, law offices or firms that hire special appearance lawyers help them to be cost
effective. No doubt, lawyers staffing can be costly as the firm has to consider constant raising of associate salaries, travel costs and benefits. But opting to outsource on certain types of court related matters can be a very useful tool in expanding the practice of a  lawyer, especially if it is handled properly. In utilizing a network of nationwide lawyers, definitely, law offices are guaranteed to be provided with a local counsel coverage which is proficient on specific types of circumstances or cases that successful lawyers require.

On the other hand, special appearance lawyers are also helpful to clients. In the event that client’s regular lawyer has conflicting trial schedules and may not be able to attend an unexpected hearing, the attorney may contact an appearance attorney company that offers reliable and professional temporary attorneys who may represent both the attorney and clients’ interests in court hearings, settlement conferences, motion hearings, default prove-ups or depositions, with no loss of legal experience and expertise.

Telephonic Court Appearance Solves Nothing

Special Appearance Attorney - Special Appearance LawyerSome attorneys may also opt for firms that offer telephonic court appearance. This system is usually utilized to help attorneys save or reduce litigation costs each time the attorneys are not required to jump on the train or fly on a plane or fight the traffic for a brief appearance in court. There are telephone appearance providers that appear to be a good solution, but when you realize the actual cost and value are not a tremendous deal. Since the lawyer must still be on the telephone for the entire hearing, he/she can not be working on other cases or making other appearances.  Special appearance lawyer is basically the same cost out-of-pocket yet when you factor in the extra time, it is a great value.

There really is no value to be gained by not using the services of a reliable, easy to hire, and dependable special appearance attorney.






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