Why Hiring an Appearance Attorney Is Superior to Appearing Yourself by Telephone


Court Appearance Attorney | Special Appearance Attorney Workers Compensation | California Appearance AttorneyAppearing in court via a telephone call or using substitute attorney appearance services are two increasingly popular money-saving alternatives used by law firms today.  However though the idea of using the telephone to appear in civil and even administrative cases seems at first convenient, using a special appearance attorney is a more beneficial and practical choice.

The point of hiring experienced appearance attorneys is so that law firms which have an excessive amount of cases can meet their demands without turning away clients or hiring more full time lawyers, as more than one appearance attorney can be hired at a time to appear for multiple cases. Appearance by telephone call defeats this purpose as lawyers can still only handle one case at a time. Additionally with an attorney appearance specialist, law firms can hire attorneys for other legal services besides appearing in court, they can be called in for research and writing, document reviews and drafting of pleadings or briefs.  All of which helps to reduce the work load greatly, frees up the attorney to handle other cases; telephone call appearance simply cannot aid with this regard.

Attorney Services | Contract Attorney | Attorney On CallThere are other, more subtle advantages to hiring a special appearance attorney for you legal services.  Attorney Appearance or lawyer staffing can also be helpful for collecting or submitting important documents and information during court hearings which lawyers would not be able to do over the telephone.  The actual presence of an attorney in the courtroom provides assistance to the Judge and has other subtle effects on the decision making process.  Besides, the attorney of record receives all the benefits and they would then have to brave traffic and mounting stress to deliver the documents or appearance themselves. For such assignments hiring an appearance attorney is the most convenient alternative.

While telephone call appearances are a suitable substitute for small legal matters and brief appearances overall attorney appearance services save a law firm more time and money because they help reduce stress, and ease time constraints and assist in a number of tasks, none of which can be done over the telephone. In addition appearance attorneys are experienced with handling many different types of cases and are well versed in all legal matters and are therefore a reliable, convenient source of legal assistance.

You should definitely consider an appearance attorney, especially since the true cost is almost the same as a telephone appearance but the value of time saved, use of your time for other billable matters, and the invaluable ability to be in two places at once, make choosing a special appearance attorney a real easy decision.



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